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skin689® Creme Anti-Cellulite visibly improves the appearance of cellulite. It rejuvinates and strengthens the structure ...

Anti-Cellulite 100ml

skin689® firming skin cream for decolleté and neck with crocus bulb extract stimulates the skin‘s ...

Firm Skin 50ml

Decolleté and Neck
skin689® firm skin emulsion for arms with crocus bulb extract stimulates the skin‘s collagen and ...

Firm Skin 40ml

Upper Arms
Hyaluronic acid offers instant hydration and relaxation, while an amino acid complex moisturizes the skin ...

Face Mask 20ml

For Women and Men

Effectiveness confirmed

All our products are tested for efficacy and safety. Several studies, which were performed by independent laboratories, impressively demonstrated and confirmed the high degree of efficacy and security of our products. The various active ingredients are being carefully evaluated and selected and thus have a guaranteed performance record.

R&D Switzerland

All our products are developed and produced in Switzerland. Our highly professional and skilled R&D and Production team only choose ingredients of the best quality. We ensure that skin689 products meet today’s standards and requirements of a premium skin care line.

skin689 – positive spirit




ba / fa


Our company name as well as skin 689 product range aims to transport the positive spirit which relates to the importance in various teachings in Asian philosophies and the feng shui concept. The meaning of these lucky numbers which, amongst others, mean: flawless, smooth, promising, abundance and forever, inspired us and continue to inspire us on our journey.

Benefit of Chacoll®

Chacoll is an innovative active-ingredient complex promising unique results. CHacoll® penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates the skin’s own collagen synthesis. The collagen fibers increase and the collagen fiber network is stabilized. CHacoll® also increases skin elasticity and smoothes the skin’s surface.

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Skin elasticity

22% increase of skin elasticity after twelve weeks.

Fat lobules

44% reduction of fat-lobule surface after twelve weeks.

Thigh circumference

3% reduction of thigh circumference after twelve weeks.